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How I achieved my PTE academic score of 90 each from ETP PTE in just two weeks?


How I achieved my PTE academic score of 90 each from ETP PTE in just two weeks?

The way I achieved my PTE academic score from ETP PTE of 90 each in just two weeks.

Hello, I'm Geetanjali Gupta, and as a student of the ETP PTE, I studied for two weeks before taking the PTE Academic exam, and on my first try, I received 90 points overall—the highest possible score for every section.

Even though the results pleased me, I'm not an expert in the PTE. As soon as my friends and family members came to know about my scores, a lot of friends and coworkers inquired about my preparation. They were curious that how someone who wasn't an expert (like them) could get the desired results.

I thought I would post a bit of preparation tips here since it seems like a topic that many people are interested in, and that’s way, I could forward this article who requests assistance.

Few crucial exam facts

Speaking and Writing, Reading, Listening are the three primary sections of the PTE Academic exam. Within these three categories, there are 20 distinct types of questions.

Using a headset, as it is fully computer−based and usually takes two hours to finish. Several times a week, accredited testing locations offer the PTE Academic exam.

Although you can schedule the tests online, you need to show up in person at an approved testing locality.

Even though the test is computer−based, you won't receive the results in your email right away; instead, they will take two to three days.

The exam results are good for two years following the date of the exam.

When writing assignments, use proper punctuation, such as capitals, commas, and full stops.

Provide a response to the query. If the question requests that you write or discuss sports, then please write or discuss "sports" only.

Adhere closely to the word count allotted for writing assignments.

When giving speaking tasks, respond promptly and continue speaking. Following a minute of silence, the speaker will turn off and the recording will end.

Don’t use capital letters for everything you write. Use capital letters only if necessary, such as at the start of names or sentences.

Before you've finished the task and are prepared to continue, click next.

About my journey

I currently had a chance to sign up for the ETP PTE tutoring and I have to say it was a great experience. Leading the educational software provider the ETP PTE specialises in offering PTE coaching at the highest level to students all over the world. With an emphasis on individualised attention and adaptive learning techniques that meet the requirements of each student specifically, their approach to teaching is distinctive.

The ETP PTE training course was well−organised, and the study materials were thorough and interesting. I learned how to grasp the subtleties of the PTE exam from the interactive online coaching sessions. The difficult practice exams and mock exams enabled me to evaluate my strengths and shortcomings.

The learning process was seamless as experienced teachers remained available to answer questions and offer feedback. I was able to strengthen my areas of weakness and raise my PTE test scores thanks to the individualised coaching approach.

The PTE online coaching program’s ease of use also left me impressed. It was simpler for me to juggle my obligations of work and study due to the fact that I could access the study resources and lessons from the comfort of my home.

I had an excellent overall experience with the ETP PTE training program. I have no problem recommending it as the top PTE tutor. Personalised instruction, knowledgeable faculty, extensive study materials, and easy−to−use online coaching distinguish them from other PTE coaching services. ETP PTE Education, thank you!

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